Believe Big Mugs for Cancer Patients



Everyone has been touched by cancer in one way or another.  Maybe you are a survivor, or you're currently struggling with it yourself, or with a loved one. is an organization that is dedicated to giving support, encouragement and prayer to those who are fighting probably the biggest fight of their lives.

Every Believe Mug that is painted is beautifully packaged and delivered to the UK Markey Cancer Hospital.  Each time the mug is used, the recipient of the mug is reminded to believe that with God all things area possible, and that we in the community care.

Stop in to Bless Your h'Art! Pottery and Paints today, and paint a Believe Mug, and spread the hope to those fighting cancer today.  Each mug is only $15, and that includes the cost of the mug, the paint and the firing fee.

All you have to do is come in and ask to paint a Believe Mug.  Decorate the mug any way you like, paint the word "Believe" on it (no other words please) and say a prayer of healing for the recipient of the mug if you can.  

This is a great group activity for students, churches, scouts, work teams and others.  You can coordinate an event for your group in our studio, or for groups larger than 60, we can come to your location with the mugs and all the supplies.